Store Opening! Posted on 25 Jan 14:51 , 0 comments

Welcome to Faerie Star Forge!

Throughout years of crafting we never thought that we would come to this point.  For a long time we made crafts (cross stitch, wooden snowmen, and Christmas decorations) for ourselves and family members and we were content with that.  However, during all that crafting, we have thought off and on about opening a store to sell the items we make and pass along the techniques we have learned.  So we bit the bullet and opened a store to sell our jewelry.  Thus, after much deliberation and trial and error, Faerie Star Forge was created.

The jewelry that we have here is made with many techniques and many different materials.  We utilize aluminum, brass, and copper and stones and gems for decoration and color.  Everything is handmade with and eye for quality as well as artistry.  

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