It's Spring! Posted on 26 Apr 21:05 , 0 comments

Happy Spring everyone!  It has finally sprung where we are at and that means busy times out of doors.  We have some new products posted so take a look.

One of our most recent products uses spinner rings.  The Copper Spinners Bracelet is a viking knit bracelet with metal beads strung on it.  The center piece has several rings of different colors and materials on it.  The rings are slightly larger than the bead allowing them to spin freely.  The bead is also shaped to prevent the spinner rings from coming off.  These rings within rings create a unique effect and bound to draw interest and amusement.

Another new product is our Spring Round Earrings.  While the technique and weave have been used before on other products the materials used in these earrings are something new for us.  These earrings are made with anodized niobium and stainless steel rings.  Niobium anodizes differently than aluminum and produces different colors.  Like aluminum, though, excessive contact with hard surfaces and rough handling can cause the colored finish to come off or wear away.  These earrings are versatile and come in colors to help welcome in spring.

Once again, happy spring! Wishing everyone warm temperatures and soft breezes.  Please keep checking back for new products.