About Us

Sarah and I are self-taught craftsmen who are new to jewelry making but old hands at creating.  We come from a long line of “crafty” women and men. Our parents, grand parents, and great-grandparents have been cross-stitichers, embroiderers, quilters, woodworkers, and much more.  While our interest in handmade items is not born of necessity and survival as theirs was, they have inspired us to create and decorate our homes and lives.

We are just starting our business in eastern North Carolina as Faerie Star Forge. Our name comes from a fascination with the faeries and other “little people” in folklore and the faerie star (Elven Star or septagram).  The Forge is two-fold in meaning - we love hammered and forged metal and we are forging ahead on this new journey.  We are excited about this venture and looking forward to creating handmade jewelry (and maybe more) for many years to come.

We are lucky to have the talent and support of my husband, Bud, to help us and keep us out of trouble - however reluctant he might be.  Each year and holiday we manage to find a new “project” to do.  These have included wooden snowmen, a giant spider, seashell crafts, and much more.  I’m sure he cringes every time he hears the phrase “I saw this thing on Pinterest ….. .” 

We also rely on Breandan to advise and assist us in various aspects of our creating.     


Please feel free to contact us at faeriestarforge@ec.rr.com.

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